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Circumcision – What to Expect After Surgery. You will likely take your baby home the same day he is circumcised. Some swelling around the penis is normal in the

Feb 01, 2004 ยท Adult Circumcision Affects Sexual Performance. Circumcised Men Take Longer to Reach Ejaculation, but That May Be OK

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Care of the Circumcised Penis. Newborn circumcision (removal of the skin, which covers the head of the penis) is performed for religious, social and cultural reasons.

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How to Care for Your Newly Circumcised There is a divide in circumcision wisdom about whether or not to cover a baby’s newly-circumcised penis with any kind of

The appearance of his newly-circumcised penis amazed me and Perhaps a contribution from an older woman might shed a little reality on female preferences for

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CIRCLIST : Caring for the newly-circumcised penis. Answers to Common Questions arising after Circumcision of a Youth, Teen or Adult.

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Everything you need to know to keep your baby’s circumcised penis clean and healthy. Learn more about circumcision care with help from What To Expect.

The Circumcised Penis. If you chose to have your son circumcised, the procedure probably has been performed in the hospital on the second or third day after birth

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